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Griffin Canyon Combo

Commander / EDH GWU (Bant)


group hug deck where the goal is to execute this combo:
Griffin Canyon + Amoeboid Changeling + Argothian Elder
A few substitutes available for argothian elder, including Ley Weaver and Krosan Restorer .
This combo makes infinite mana and then win with either Helix Pinnacle or Staff of Domination
why are the urzatron lands in here? idk but seemed fun.

this deck is not meant to be seriously competitive but to be fun and to win occasionally with a combo that no one has seen before.

anyway, please suggest any feedback!
looking for more group hug cards, more "any land" tutors, more creature tutors, or more artifact or enchantment tutors to help me hit that wincon. Also cards to help amoeboid and the elder have haste.


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