Deck List last updated on: 07/13/2021

Description last updated on: 05/14/2019

Power Level: ~8.25/10

This deck used to be a Tasigur Reanimator deck, I have changed the commander and the list to use Muldrotha, the Gravetide instead. The original Tasigur, the Golden Fang decklist can be found here:

When Muldrotha, the Gravetide was first spoiled, I knew I had to build a deck around it. Sultai is by far my favorite color combination and this commander fits rit into my preferred playstyle. The deck is naturally built around permanents that sacrifice themselves and have powerful effects that we then use Muldrotha's ability to abuse. Note that I chose not to include any game-winning or infinite combos, this is intentional to keep the power level down a tad. You can feel free to add some combos to the deck if you'd like.

Most of our removal is in the form of permanents since we can recur it easily, spells like Ob Nixilis Reignited , Vraska the Unseen , Seal of Primordium , Pernicious Deed , Merciless Executioner , Fleshbag Marauder , Plaguecrafter , sheoldred, and Caustic Caterpillar . Being able to cast one of each permanent type during our turn allows any one of these cards to net us extreme value and put a soft-lock on our opponents' board states. Tectonic Edge also allows us to blow up one of our opponent's lands each turn, shutting down troublesome cards like Reliquary Tower or Maze of Ith .

Other cards we can abuse with our commander are cards like Caustic Caterpillar , Spore Frog , Mulldrifter , Sakura-Tribe Elder , Glen Elendra Archmage , and Terramorphic Expanse . These let us repeatedly protect our permanents through counterspells or fogs, and let us draw cards and ramp like crazy by being able to replay these permanents that sacrifice themselves. Mystic Remora slots into this category as well, since we never really need to be paying its cumulative upkeep costs past the first one, since they sacrifice themselves and we can just recast them to reset the counters.

In order to use powerful ETB effects like that of Massacre Wurm , Clever Impersonator , Phyrexian Metamorph , and Bane of Progress , we incorporate some sacrifice outlets in the form of Viscera Seer , Ashnod's Altar , Phyrexian Tower , Vraska, Golgari Queen , Birthing Pod , and Sidisi, Undead Vizier . Playing these cards and then sacrificing them to repeat can destroy our opponent's boards and morale.

Then we have some cards that fill our graveyard since the graveyard is an extension of our hand in this game. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant , Perpetual Timepiece , Buried Alive , World Shaper , Life from the Loam , and Underrealm Lich all help out in that aspect.

In order to even further increase the amount of value this deck generates, River Kelpie , The Gitrog Monster , and Underrealm Lich let us net even more card advantage from our graveyard. Where The Gitrog Monster forcing us to sacrifice our lands is not a downside since we can replay them from the graveyard.

I hope you have fun with the deck or my list helps you come up with some ideas for your own build. This deck is a work in progress and will be changed as I acquire better cards and change the list around. Any suggestions are always welcome.


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