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i want to introduce my deck called "Gruul (big) kitty" (i supose 3/4 Horned Kavu is biggiest kitty ever :P ). I got the idea of it when i saw Invasive Species spoiler, It was the bouncing creature that Green was missing! Along with Horned Kavu it gave possibility to "reset" some great creatures like Young Wolf, Keldon Marauders and Blastoderm (i hope You will sing Blastoderm song when play it).

I played it only real in Gdansk (Poland), so if You would decide to play it in Pauper Gauntlet it would be its first performance at MODO (sooooo rogue :P ).

Now i would like to explain my decisions abouts cards:


We need 4-6 mana to be able to do the juggle like "cast Horned Kavu / Invasive species, take back Keldon Marauders, cast Keldon Marauders again", and we need more Green than Red (all first drops, repeatable Rancor, double GG cost of Blastoderm).

I was testing 2xTeetering Peaks, but it was mistake in my opinion, it was slowing me down or makeing worse my colour stability.


Kavu and Species are the core of deck and rest of creatures are to make their drawback into advantage:

10 first drops are need to be albe to cast T2 or T3 Kavu consistant, all of them love to be "reset" (Young wolf gets next life, Skyshroud live longer, Skarrgan with no counter get possibility to get it) and make some early aggro (especially with Rancor).

Keldon Marauders are 5dmg for 2 mana ( and they love Rancor as much as "small guys") or more if we can bounce them.

I suppouse Blastoderm no need explanation :P.


Bunch of burn spells to keep enemy board clean (or finish him) and Rancor fits well with creature composition.


Mana curve chart display Invasive Species as 4CMC spell, but they are 3CMC!


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  • mana base has changed (Khans lands)
  • sideboard has changed (-4 land destruction, +2 moment's peace, +2 feed the clan)


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