And the God's remarked unto the traveler, "You wouldn't get it"

This is my current EDH build that originally started out as a Feather build and... well... now it's a Golos Mardu-limited Enchantment build with a Dante Alighieri/adventure theme. There are a number of happy synergies and janky win-cons that revolve around the seven deadly sins; Golos serves mostly as access to Mardu but the flavor of creature is a perfect stand-in for a character trying to travel a Hellish landscape towards freedom (i.e. victory). The main Golos mechanic to focus on is not the 2+WUBRG ability (though it is a mighty big cherry on top for function and flavor i.e. CMC 7) but rather Golos' ETB action of being able to determine the terrain of the game upon arrival.

Whether it be about the flavor of the build or the actual function, any and all feedback would be appreciated!


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