Maybeboard is the cards that have been in the deck in the past as well as the past variation's maybeboard. Sideboard is the real maybeboard

Hermit Duid line : Activate Hermit Druid -> play a land to get Bloodghast -> Unearth Dregscape Zombie if you only have two creatures -> Flashback Dread Return for Necrotic Ooze -> Activate Blighted Bat 's ability to give Ooze haste -> Tap Ooze for mana from a dork ability -> Untap Ooze with Devoted Druid ability -> remove a -1/-1 counter with Channeler Initiate 's ability to net -> Activate Walking Ballista with infinite mana to gun the table down.

Protean Hulk Combo 1: Hulk Dies grab Viscera Seer + Phyrexian Delver -> Delver reanimates Hulk -> sac Hulk to the Seer and grab Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Walking Ballista to ping everyone to death.

Hulk Combo 2 for when one or more creatures from combo one are in grave: Hulk grabs Mogis's Marauder + Deathrite Shaman + Hermit Druid -> Activate hermit druid combo since Marauder gives Deathrite Shaman and Hermit Druid haste.


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