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Golgari Death Party! Sacrifices must be made!

Pauper BG (Golgari) Budget Competitive Infinite Combo Midrange Pauper


Heavily influenced by the "Pauper Golgari Aristocrats" by Pauper Fox on youtube.

Big update!! Added the infinite combo with Safehold Elite + Ivy Lane Denizen + Falkenrath Noble + any sac outlet. I know a 4 piece combo is a bit much but all the pieces work with the deck regardless so fuck it!!

Unrelated Crust Recommendations

Dystopia (RIP) - Sludge/Crust band. This stuff is life-changing, its depressing and remorseful. The way they use clips from movies and other obscure things in their songs like no one else does. They don't just slap a clip in the beginning or end of a song. They build around it. Its part of the narrative. Seriously brilliant. Start with "Human = Garbage"

Wolfbrigade - Swedish D-Beat/Crust. Nothing much to say about this one. This is more on the punk side of Crust. Really cool Motorhead kind of tone to the guitar and gruff-as-fuck vocals.

Livet Som Insats - Another Swedish D-Beat/Crust band. And again just great crust punk.

His Hero Is Gone (RIP) - American Crust Titans. "15 Count of Arson" just listen to it.

Disrupt (RIP) - Early 90's American Crust Punk with some Poweviolence and Grindcore influences. REALLY SICK! "Unrest"


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