Throne of Eldraine brought some kitschy references to a number of fairy tale tropes, perhaps none more than Happily Ever After , which flavorfully as possible, presents a challenging but powerful alternate wincon. This week Lydia will take a crack at making it work.

The main combination rides on Planewide Celebration , which allows us to hit up to 4 of the main win conditions (a sorcery in the graveyard, a creature on the field, a 5c permanent on the field, and 20 or more life). However, it will take more than this to make the deck work. Sphinx of the Guildpact is our backup 5c creature, and also counts as an artifact for types.

Since both of these cards are 7-drops, we have a sweet ramp package in the form of Lotus Field , Fertile Footsteps, and Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner .

Brought Back allows us to make some tricky plays involving recovering the two lands sac-ed to Lotus Field , or recovering a cracked Fabled Passage. It also preserves important permanents like Gideon Blackblade and the Sphinx.

Just in case we have mana and no payoffs, we’ve also included Stonecoil Serpent and March of the Multitudes . The former is a powerful X/X for X with upside, as well as satisfying both creature and artifact for Happily. The latter provides chump blockers to stall into the late game, gives us some much needed lifegain, and puts an instant into the graveyard.

Listen to Clever Combo Season 4, Ep 2 for the full rundown.

Try it out and leave us a comment below on how you like it Email: [email protected] Website: Twitter:


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