Super gimmicky deck that abuses gods having indy and board wipes.

Alright, so I have put alot of thought into this deck, doing it and redoing it about a dozen times now. The idea of a 5 color EDH god deck isn't intrinsically new, but I had fun making it and playtesting it so far, and I hope you do as well.

So the deck has changed alot over the past few years. We got a new Theros block, the mad lads at WotC printed lands with 3 types (desperately hoping to go back to Alara and finish the cycle!), and overall I've grown as a deck builder. So let's dive in!

Tips that I can provide: If you are given the choice in the early game, play the Egyptian god, not the Greek. In turn 3, you won't have the devotion to make your gods into creatures, but the chances of having 2-4 creatures, all with P/T 3-6 is much better, allowing Snek and Cat to attack or block, as needed. Gator is a bit harder, as you definitely don't want to sac other gods to attack with her, as well as Jackal and Ibis, depending on your current hand. Regardless, they come online sooner and still add to devotion for the later game.

Another important note: Karametra. Freaking play her! Her effect of "when you cast a creature spell" isn't an ETB. Gods count as creature spells, even if they stop being creatures once on the field. Hell, the land fetch will resolve before the spell itself does, so go fetch you lands! Triomes totally exist, and they tap for silly amounts of options. Thin out that deck, get to your gas, and GO!

Turn 5 is crucial. If you have the mana spread to, play Child. It is a threat. A huge, massive, glowing-neon-sign of a threat. 6/6 trample that nukes the field of everything but lands and your indy gods if it dies, to which you just bring it back next turn anyways. It also provides a massive devotion boost across the board. No matter the god played, between itself and Child, it only needs 3 more, which is an easy feat anywhere after turn 5 if you had even a half decent hand.

Addendum: so the wild childs also decided that commanders do in fact hit the graveyard before their replacement effect of returning to the command zone takes place. This means that Child of Alara is hands down the best possible commander for this, no questions asked. Yes, Progenitus gives more devotion, but I simply don't care. Having an army of indestructible gods, swinging wildly and freely because a walking nuke is with them is amazing.

Now for the wild cards: well, alot of these simply went away. More and more gods came out, and they were all very good at what they were doing, so the demigods of Lorawyn and the Bringers of Mirrodin all went wayside. We do still have defense of the heart, grabbing ANY 2 gods you feel like you need at the time and throwing them on the board (the effect only cares that they are creatures in the deck, they don't stop being creatures until they hit the field).

I also left in all the demigod's enchantments. Anywhere from 1-5 mana is at least +2 to Child (or others) plus rider effects. My personal favorite is Shield, giving flying and indy, meaning you don't have to worry anymore about losing him, so feel free to bomb the field to Hell and back.

Overall, like I said before, its gimmicky. Its not perfect, and there are very solid counters. But it runs well, in every playtest I have ran thus far, and is enough that on turn 10 my friends are crapping their pants. Give it a look, give it a like if you want, and hopefully you can get some joy or ideas out of it as well.


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Oh shit. They decided to print even more god cards, another board wipe, and a godly artifact that tells all gods to go fuck themselves. I love it. Update inbound!


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