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Goblins - Infinite damage

Modern* UR (Izzet)


Make lots of goblin tokens that I can sacrifice for mana or goblin grenade (which I can copy!). They protect the planeswalkers that copy spells and can infinite damage combo with Geistblast and Ral, Storm Conduit (Cast spell->copy next spell with Ral, Storm Conduit -> Geistblast (target 1st spell)->Copy of Geistblast (targets 1st Geistblast ). Also goblin tokens combo with Dragonshift

I suppose these are the main win conditions: Copy goblin grenade 2X with Ral + Geistblast/Guildmage ->17-18dmg. Get lots of Goblins and Overload Dragonshift -5 goblins->5 dragons ->20dmg. Infinite copy with Ral and 2X Geistblast -> Infinite damage.

Creature removal: Turn/Burn ->any creature Geistblast ->2dmg. Goblin Grenade ->5dmg.

Life burn: Goblin Grenade Geistblast Burn

Spell Copiers: Ral, Storm conduit Izzet Guildmage


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