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Screaming rage, unbridled fury, unparalleled power

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the wonderful world of Skred red. While this deck is no longer a "hidden" gem, it is still viable competitively now that the format has slowed down after the banning of Hogaak . This deck looks to take the game into mid-to-late game while destroying all their creatures early. We always have the alternative win condition of Karn into Mycosynth Lattice , but the main win conditions are Koth , Chandra, Torch of Defiance , and Chandra, Mother of God .

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Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and thanks for taking a look at my deck!


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The current list has officially taken me to my FIRST EVER 4-0 FOR FNM! I'm excited that Skred is back and can be played efficiently in the meta. I had switched over to prison for awhile, but Skred will always be my first love. Skred had finally been putting up some good results, and since the meta slowed down I gave it another chance. I'm always opened to any suggestions and feedback about the deck to make it better.

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