Guilds of Ravnica burn/choose your fate style deck. Burn and drain your opponent of life and dont waste your time on creatures unless absolutely necessary. Like a life link deck. Cant let them gain life. At first I though Sovereign's Bite was going to be terrible since you cant hit a creature but boy has that saved me a few games with that life drain. Vicious Rumors is used for the same reason plus a bonus discard. Both are better than you think in this play style. Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip is a great card for the deck to keep those burn spells coming. True it pings you a bit but adds to why Sovereign's Bite/Vicious Rumors is great for this deck with the extra life to spend. For hexproof creatures, Detection Tower should do the trick.

This is how the matches usually turn out in my last week of playing this deck.

Turn 1. Mountain > Shock

18 life

Turn 2. Swamp > Electrostatic Field

18 life

Turn 3. Swamp > Risk Factor or Sword-Point Diplomacy

Usually takes the Risk Factor so minus 4 and Sword-Point Diplomacy usually ends up with minus 6

15 or 11 life? It gets iffy here.

Turn 4. Risk Factor or Sword-Point Diplomacy again then add a Vicious Rumors

At around 11 life ive noticed people let you draw the cards so i'll call this a wash.

Otherwise if they take the damage they should be at around 8 or 4 life

Turn 5. I can usually burn them to death using the cards that were drawn previously with 2 Lightning Strikes/Sovereign's Bite plus the added 1 damage per instant/sorcery from Electrostatic Field.

I only play this deck in MTG Arena and its a lot of fun personally. If the game ever stalls out, use Karn, Scion of Urza to make tokens and keep swinging.


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