A lot of people think of a game of magic like flipping a coin: it's either heads or tails, you either win or lose. But sometimes the coin gets lost, or falls in a crack, or lands on edge. Sometimes you don't want to win or lose, you just want to tie.

Some of these combos can be responded to with instant speed removal, some of them can't, and some of them are just plain stupid like the Draco doomsday pile. But all of them force the game to draw, and that's really all that matters.

Most of these combos simply throw infinite mandatory triggers on the stack and as such can be ended with instant speed removal by your opponents, and are pretty self explanatory. Endrek is a state-based lock: when you have 7 thrulls he wants you to sac him, and assault suit prevents you from saccing him, and then the game gets very sad. Wheel and the Doomsday/Draco abomination are both resolution prevention effects, and Wheel should be pretty self explanatory, it's basically the inverse of the Helm/Rest in Peace combo. The Draco thing is a real doozy though.

With Maralen and Necro on board and Hoarder's Greed and Doomsday in hand, cast doomsday. It doesn't actually matter what all you put in the pile so long as Draco is on the bottom of it. Play Hoarder's, and then take 4 cards with Necro. Maralen stops you decking yourself, and you go straight to the clash. Draco is the most expensive format-legal card (looking at you Gleemax) so the only way to lose the clash is if you opponent is also running Draco like a madman. So you win the clash and repeat the Hoarder's effect... which immediately initiates another clash. Which of course you win so you repeat the effect. Forever, losing 2 life every time. But that doesn't matter, because Hoarder's Greed doesn't finish resolving until you lose a clash. Which you can't do. So priority never passes and SBAs are never checked, so in addition to creating a mandatory infinite clash loop, you've also set yourself to an infinitely negative life total and STILL managed to draw the game.


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