Glissa's One Man Army, or one woman army if you want to be technical.

There is no creatures other than Glissa in this deck because there is no need for other creatures, Glissa is a traitor who acts on her own accord. There is also no nonequipment artifacts or nonbasic lands because who needs those when you have an extremely powerful commander, Glissa, the Traitor

Glissa has both first strike and Deathtouch meaning that when she attacks, she can just do one damage to each creature blocking her to be lethal. Any creature attacking her also has to beware, for she can one shot them.

Give Glissa key word abilities like vigilance, trample, hexproof, block an additional creature, flying, double strike, lifelink, menace, and others through equipment and enchantments, while also regenerating and buffing her. Use fight cards whenever a creature particularly threatens you or to disrupt the enemy.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated, especially since I need to weed out 80 cards as of upload.


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