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Glissa the Traitor - Armies of Cans

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So this was my first commander deck and I have put a lot of improvements and eventually money into the deck.

It has gone through several iterations, first, it was a deathtouch deck with viridian longbow/thornbite staff, then it moved onto being an eggs deck that draw a lot of cards for a green-black deck. Now it is a Controlling Midrange deck base around playing and repeatedly replaying "Army in a Can" artifact creatures and such I would describe its archetype as "The Rock" but with artifacts.

I has a lot of redundancy in recursion with Glissa as well as mana making sac outlets to fuel further board presence (and prevent exile). Importantly it is not too reliant on the graveyard as it really just wants to recur a single powerful creature rather than using the graveyard as the main thrust of the deck.

Additionally, recent reprints have allowed me to access the power of Lands, being an artifact based deck allows me to play a large number of colourless utility lands.


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Holy hell making cuts is super hard now, everything in my deck is good. cutting duplicant and panharmonicon seems wrong but also every other card in my deck is amazing.

Despite its mana cost I want to try Phyrexian triniform, because it's basically the kind of thing this deck likes.

Tormod the desecrator talk about synergy this bad boy will just be churning out tokens with the way my deck is designed, so many ways for things to leave the graveyard as single triggers.


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