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Glissa, Queen of the Scrapyard

Commander / EDH BG (Golgari)


Everyone's favourite Phyrexian Elf (No not Ezuri) Glissa! And her scrapyard kingdom!

Artifacts and graveyard recursion for pure value, with plenty of board wipes and kill creature effects to keep your oppnents down and trigger Glissa. Also an added Treasure Token sub theme, that can be incredibly versatile in this deck.

The main win con is simply to out last your opponents and keep their forces at bay with removal. But more proactive win cons include, Revel in Riches, either of the Vraska PL's or I've found a Cranial Plated Wurmcoil Engine does just fine!

All hail the Queen!

P.s I used to run Mindslaver, but damn, that card is just pure mean when it's easily recurred. So I took it out simply for the good of the table. Glissa is a benevolent ruler..


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49% Casual

51% Competitive