This is my dredge-based Commander deck. This effort began in 2014, with the goal of fitting Bazaar of Baghdad into an EDH deck of some sort. I chose Karador, Ghost Chieftain as my commander and named the deck "Helcomb County Municipal Lake Dredge Appraisal" after a series of hilarious sketch comedy videos published by The Onion. Later that same year, a far superior creature to serve as commander of a dredge-based deck would be released: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. But it was too late! I'd already gone with Karador. And in two years, we got another awesome choice: The Gitrog Monster. I didn't immediately adapt the deck to use a new commander, but I did throw the frog into my deck and had some fun with Dakmor Salvage.

Following the unbanning of Protean Hulk, I started to become pretty jaded about playing my Karador deck. I'd updated the deck, but I found myself at a crossroads: take the dredge stuff out and make the deck a better Karador deck going all in on sacrifice loops or change my commander to The Gitrog Monster. As noted in one of the updates, I took the deck apart and used many of the components to build a Pattern-Rector deck for the Canadian Highlander format.

At long last, I've revived this deck as a fully-fledged Gitrog Dredge combo monstrosity. By now, this is an archetype that has been explored more by others, so my list probably isn't very useful just yet. But I'm tentatively planning on keeping this thing around, so that might change eventually...


Updates Add

Some new cards that are perfect for this deck came out in 2019, and I'm finally making room for them. Unfortunately, I've decided to cut Doomsday. I really like the card, but it has been a dead draw in too many games.

-1 Burgeoning

-1 Doomsday

-1 Skirge Familiar

-1 Blooming Marsh

-1 Command Beacon

-1 Llanowar Wastes

-1 Strip Mine

-1 Woodland Cemetery

+1 Force of Vigor

+1 Veil of Summer

+1 Finale of Devastation

+1 Collector Ouphe

+1 Nurturing Peatland

+1 Prismatic Vista

+1 Forest

+1 Swamp


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