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Girl Power! ( Angels Tribal )

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This deck is my frist upgraded deck in EDH. I need help to see which cards are useless and should not be on the deck. I have played several times with this deck and I have won several games, but I feel that I can be helped by luck .. What cards do i take off from the deck to make him more consistent? And be a "war machine"!

And leave your suggestion! What you think from the list?


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with a little research on the site, I found some cards that fit very well with the deck, which is currently almost without card advantage and ramp:

GO IN -> GO OUT Smothering Tithe ( Ramp ) -> Boreas Charger // Endless Atlas ( Draw) -> Dawn of hope // Jalum Tome ( Draw and synergizes with Bruna) -> Loyal Unicorn//

What do you think?


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