Go big or go home. When it comes to control decks, Naya isn't what you would normally have in mind, but with a bevy of removal, eight board wipes, and literal Giants to finish off the enemy, this deck is out to prove that you don't need blue countermagic or black kill spells to get the job done.


Gilded Goose : This disposable one-drop helps to ramp & fix colors in the early game while providing a steady supply of life gain later on.

Bonecrusher Giant : The first of the Giant brigade is by far the most affordable to cast as a creature, offering a solid body for the price. But like his brethren, his best route to the battlefield usually involves taking an Adventure along the way.

Beanstalk Giant : With eight Giants in the deck that cost seven mana to cast as a creature, we're gonna need some ramp. Luckily, this guy brings his own ramp to help the cause, and he winds up being the main finisher due to how huge he gets.

Realm-Cloaked Giant : Another part of the formula for getting to a 7 mana fatty involves surviving long enough to play it. What better way is there to survive than killing all of your opponent's creatures while leaving yours unharmed?


Shock : Along with the Adventure half of Bonecrusher, there's enough cheap burn to survive the early game against aggro.

Lucky Clover : Only synergizes with Bonecrusher & Beanstalk, but those interactions are powerful enough to make it well worth the risk.

Deafening Clarion : Cleans up the Elk meta at a nice cost. The lifelink can also shut the door against aggro given how huge the creatures are in this deck.

Prison Realm : Deals with Planeswalkers & big/indestructible creatures that are outside the burn range.

Chandra, Fire Artisan : Control needs some card advantage, which is hard to come by in these colors. Chandra does the job nicely while pinging opposing Planeswalkers if the opponent dare touch her.

Ugin, the Ineffable : Another roundabout card advantage engine that offers some additional removal.


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