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Ghyrson Starn, So Anyways I Started Blastin’ (C)

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This commander is just ridiculous. Not only can he be built as a powerful commander on a budget but when you do put a little more money into him; you can tell. Mine is a mid cost hybrid of a token creature and spellslinger take on Starn. You are no doubt going to be a huge threat so opponents will want you dead quick. Have your tokens act as blockers/attack fodder and your instants ALWAYS protect Starn. As long as Starn is alive, you have a strong chance of running away with the game. There are multiple cards that when in place you will have no problem taking home a win!

NOTABLE MENTIONS: Third Path Iconoclast is a powerhouse in this deck. With 49, yes 49 different ways to trigger his, “Create a 1/1 Artifact Soldier” ability he is constantly bringing value to your board state. You can keep these soldiers as blockers, send them to attack on less protected opponents to trigger Starn on 1 combat damage dealt, or fodder to deal 1 damage to blocking creatures which becomes 3 total damage with Starn’s ability. This guy is out of control!

Repercussion is another very evil card because whether your opponent blocks or lets you through they’re taking some serious damage. BE AWARE: this card can hurt you pretty bad as well. You may want to equip a Shadowspear or Basilisk Collar before going too crazy attacking with your own creatures. When it comes to casting instants or sorceries that simply deal damage to opponents’ creatures (ie: Electrickery), Repercussion can quickly become lethal.

Veyran, Voice of Duality is out of control, like really out of control. Ignore his first ability, his second ability procs with Ghyrson and your numerous “When you cast an Instant/Sorcery spell” cards. Casting an instant/sorcery with a permanent that creates tokens doubles the tokens. Casting an instant/sorcery with a permanent that deal 1 damage when these spell types are casted triggers that permanent a second time!

Curiosity, Ophidian Eye, and Tandem Lookout when casted to target Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph get you card draw to keep you dangerous. Most turns you will be dealing damage to opponents via Ghyrson’s ability. Most of your turns you will be drawing 3 cards! You may even forget to draw cards because this triggers so often with all the damage to opponents you are inflicting.

Kessig Flamebreather and Firebrand Archer are very similar to Third Path Iconoclast in that there are 49 different ways to trigger them when a non creature spell is cast. They provide so much passive damage that in a matter or two turns you can completely devastate your opponents if you are setup right. Cast 2-3 spells on your turn with Ghyrson and Firebrand Archer on the battlefield and you just dealt 6-9 damage.

Circle of Flame and Propaganda will make your opponents think twice about attacking you. Many Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph decks look to inflict damage as fast as possible but fizzle out very quickly. I’ve found that it’s because when you deal massive damage turns 4-6 your hand is often low on cards and your commander is dead. Having these two protection cards keeps 1/1 attacking creatures your opponents control at bay but also make them more likely to swing into a different player all together. This gives you a chance to build back up or simply keep you on the board longer!

Finally, my favorite card in the deck, Tempt with Vengeance. Even if your opponents are not “tempted” you can unleash hell with 3 damage per creature created. If your opponents are tempted, clear the battlefield with a End the Festivities and swing wide!

Final Thoughts: I included most of the red and blue staples to keep this competitive with your playgroup. There are only 3 things I’d suggest doing to this deck to tweak it:

  1. Find a spot for another land/ mana rock. This deck plays a lot of low to the ground spells so land normally isn’t an issue. More land/another rock may give you better luck if you find yourself doing more mulligans.

  2. Add more counterspells. Protecting Starn is a huge focus during your game. Luckily, with Ward 2, the 0 and 1 cost counterspells that may target him aren’t going to happen as often. Having protection for him during an opponent’s main phase is where having more counters will be beneficial. Maybe instead of adding more counterspells you can pay more money for things like Fierce Guardianship or Force of Will. Cutting mana costs down further on your counterspells just mean you will have more options to play other spells in the same turn you cast a counter.

  3. Stray away from token creation for more 1 damage pingers and spell copy effects. I wanted a hybrid deck that could spell sling and create more blockers. Once your playgroup knows how Ghyrson works they often send more attackers your way. I wanted tokens to act as a deterrent. With the right copy spells, dualcaster mage combo pieces, or more 1 damage triggered abilities you may not need blockers as much.

I included an extensive maybe board for viewers to make this deck your own! I wanted to stay away from EDHREC as much as possible with the cards included in the maybe board. Hopefully you guys enjoy this deck as much as I like devastating my playgroup with it!


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