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Ghostly Prison ||Tallowisp Spirit Tribal cPDH||

Pauper EDH* Competitive Mono-White

Flooremoji Podkomorka


Enchantment (1)

Hmmm... Uncommon Creature with CMC 2? Check.

Hmmm... Repeatable Tutor Ability? Check.

Hmmm... 1/3 Body? Check.

Hmmm... Slight deckbuilding restrictions for the cost of answers? Check.

Hmmm... Ability to end the game quickly? Check.

Hmmm... Broken as Hell in PDH? Check.

Disciple of Deceit better watch out.

Primer is undergoing Reconstruction!

In the meantime just know that the deck is tier 2 imo. (Not because of how good it is versus top decks, just how much better it is than most tier three decks, if a tier 4 is added deck will fit comfortably in tier 3) Check out the

Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

Pauper EDH* Podkomorka

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for even more Pauper EDH!

Thanks to Wihito for the beatiful card styles!


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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