It’s a big dumb token deck that likes going face... with a couple infinite combos as backup (and a bunch of tutors to find those combos)

Ghired+a token+Breath of Fury+Fires of Yavimaya/Xenagod= a potentially game end through lots of combat phases (assuming opponents don’t have blockers... your tokens will generally fly and have trample though. You do need the haste enablers because Ghired makes the tokens tapped and attacking, but not hasted.)

Kiki-Jiki + Cat/Resto Angel/Sparring Mummy = Arbitrarily large amounts of cat/angels/bandage men

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame = arbitrarily large amounts of men with fire pot

So yea! Roll up to the table with this bad boy and show people “the power of precons”!


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