Hello! I'm a longtime commander player and this is an aggro-combo deck I've been building ever since the release of C19. Most players found their competitive inspiration from Anje Falkenrath or Elsha of the Infinite , but I was struck by the ingenious interaction between the Populate mechanic and Embalm cards like Heart-Piercer Manticore in the pre-con.

So I set out to answer the question, How can I populate the most interesting tokens possible? The answer, clearly, is to copy creatures, a mildly challenging task without Riku's blue for cards like Rite of Replication . But this deck is up to the challenge, and it's a blast to play.

UPDATE: Final update to the decklist before it's taken apart to design a Najeela deck, just in case I want to rebuild the deck someday. The description is based on a decklist that's wrong by about 25 cards, so it's not very helpful.

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