This Ghired deck is mainly focused on populating some of the bigger creatures while still remaining budgetish, but if all else fails, rhino them out. After playing variations of this deck many times, the main thing that I noticed was that if Ghired was gone or hindered in some way or if there are no available tokens, then the deck just kind of stalls and does nothing. To combat this, I put in things to help make sure Ghired and the tokens make it through combat with things like Iroas, God of Victory, Vigor, or Reconnaissance. Other cards like Spawning Grounds or Moonsilver Spear help to keep the deck going if either all the tokens die, or Ghired dies. Altar of Dementia is available as an alternate win-con and I've actually won a game or two with it. I run snow lands so that I can use both Into the North and Rampant Growth especially since most of the deck has a higher CMC, and so that I could get one of the two duel snow lands with Into the North.


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