Ghave guru of spores is a very combo friendly edh commander. Infinite mana, tokens, counters, even a built in sac outlet! An abzan swiss army knife. Ghave is great with undying and persist creatures due to his counter manipulation. Paired with the altars or earth craft it gets out of control if not dealt with. The newly added protean hulk package is just another one of many ghave win cons. The combo capabilities will make you cross eyed.

Combo Corner

xxxx Here are all the combos that are currently ran in this deck. This list isn't the end all list of the many other interactions Ghave can have just the ones I am currently running. If I missed or messed one up feel free to comment. xxxx

Ghave + Ashnod's altar/Phryexian Altar/Earthcraft(with a basic land in play) + Strangleroot Gheist/Young Wolf=Infinite mana, counters, tokens, and damage. Add in Zulaport Cutthroat/Corpse Knight. To drain the whole board. Geralf's Messenger doesnt not need Zulaport Cutthroat or Corpse Knight to kill the table off.

Academy Rector + Ghave/Ashnod/Phryexian Altars/Carrion Feeder/Viscera Seerer/Phryexian Tower/ sac tutors to sac the Academy Rector getting Pattern Of Rebirth to put on any other creature. Sac said creature getting Protean Hulk. From there fetch out Saffi Erikksdotter, Grand Abolsiher, Corpse Knight/Zulaport Cutthroat, Karmic Guide, and Revillark. And any other creature really you see fit after those and win on the spot. Having this hulk line is an alterate win con you can use with or without Ghave.

Ghave + Young Wolf/Strangleroot Gheist + Ashnod/Phyrexian Altars/earthcraft = infinite mana, tokens, counters. Add Skull Clamp/Generous Patron to draw your whole deck to get what you need to win. If your opponents do not have any creatures to put counters on with Generous Patron give them one with Forbidden Orchard

Corpse Knight + Squirrel Nest+ Earthcraft (with a basic land in play) = Infinite tokens, mana (wild growth or utopia sprawl)now with Corpse Knight killing the table with his Etb ability.


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