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Ghalta, Primal Chonker

Commander / EDH Mono-Green


The big chonky green boi (or girl?) is here to stomp faces. Deck is based around casting big, cheap green bois, ramping a little and drawing plenty of cards. I should almost always have at least 10 total toughness on board meaning Ghalta should rarely cost more than 2 to cast no matter how many times he (she?) dies. Killing with commander damage is pretty easy and can be done with a single hit thanks to pump spells like Berserk, Accelerated Mutation and Fireshrieker. Deck has been built in person and was done so on a budget. As such the effectiveness of more expensive cards had to be strongly considered before including them in the deck. Cards like Craterhoof Behemoth weren't good enough to justify the expense, whereas Berserk has proven to be a highly effective and worth the expense. Playing the deck so far, it's pretty solid and while straightforward, still fun to play. However, because it's so aggressive, it tends to get hated off the board pretty quickly (with good reason).


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