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Ghalta - Combosaurus Rex

Commander / EDH Mono-Green Multiplayer




I've made several version of ghalta and this is by far my most favourite

Heavy combo based around ghalta OR other high power creatures on the field. Goal is to draw the entire deck into my hand and be able to kill everyone either through combat damage or with burn damage through Ram Through which catches people off guard if something prevents combat damage, when the deck pops off I can give ghalta infinite power and burn someone or all with ram through and some recursion.

Secondary control would through winter orb once i have my mass mana makers. Also on the field Kozilek, the Great Distortion while sitting with my deck in hand or with Temur Sabertooth out to bounce the needed cmc card to my hand and discard/counter with kozilek's ability is near perfect control.

Tutors: I removed MOST of the tutors (I still have Elvish Harbinger). I removed them as I like how it works and it's a perfect power for my meta. If I was to add a few tutors it would bump up the consistency to a level that's just a bit too high imo. Threats Undetected, Worldly Tutor, Summoner's Pact, Fauna Shaman and Time of Need are incredible in this deck and any 4 of them would be all that is needed imo


Updates Add

Omnath, Locus of Mana and Temur Sabertooth had to go as they went infinite with other pieces. Spinning Wheel Kick removed as it didn't get played ever. Replaced those 3 with Genesis Wave, Circle of Dreams Druid and Tireless Provisioner


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+1 Cankerbloom maybe
+1 Circle of Dreams Druid main
+1 Genesis Wave main
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+1 Topiary Stomper maybe
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