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Gerrard, weatherlight hero of eggs cedh

Commander / EDH* Artifact Combo Competitive Eggs RW (Boros)



Why Gerrard?

Gerrard is simultaneously a combo piece, a way to protect your board and a tool to help provide card advantage, and let's face it, we just don't get alot of that in boros.

Is Gerrard for me?

When most people think boros they generally think aggro, Gerrard turns that notion on its head. Gerrard eggs is a combo deck through and through, because of that however it can also be a little tricky to pilot. The combos can be a little intricate and require a solid understanding of the stack but once you wrap your head around it, it's alot of fun to play and can often catch people off guard.


As said earlier this is a combo deck, as such your primary goal is to combo off as quickly as possible. The deck doesn't contain alot of big beefy cards and can struggle if games go long, the trade off is it holds up very well against most board wipes and tends to be fairly resilient overall as it contains a number of ways to get important cards back from the graveyard. Biggest piece of advice I can give is don't be afraid to break a few eggs. It's nice to save them for when you have Gerrard/Faith's reward/second sunrise to get them all back but first and foremost they are a tool to help rummage through your deck. The important thing is to get to your combo pieces as quickly as possible.


Gerrard + loyal retainers + sac outlet

This is your bread and butter and the main combo you will generally work towards, the following two are examples of what to do if for some reason you can't get loyal retainers and have to go with a backup plan

Gerrard + Nim deathmantle + sac outlet + kci or any other way to generate 4 colorless Mana repeatedly

Gerrard + salvager of ruin + phyrexian altar + three other creatures to sac or anyway to repeatedly generate 3 more Mana really

Auriok salvagers + Lion's eye diamond

If the Gerrard and loyal retainers is your bread and butter this is the peanut butter and jelly, it's infinite Mana, simply add one of the 1 cmc artifacts that have a draw effect to draw your deck and finish them off with a pyrite spellbomb

Other combos

You probably won't aim for these but sometimes when games go a little longer all the pieces just fall in place

Codex shredder + Faith's reward + chromatic sphere/star + some way to generate 9 mana

Kci + chromatic sphere + myr retriever + mox opal + scrap trawler


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