At its heart this deck is about privilege. You have things, other people don´t.

Coercive Portal , Hour of Revelation , Planar Cleansing , Razia's Purification , Single Combat , Slaughter the Strong , Tragic Arrogance , and Wakening Sun's Avatar are here to make sure nobody gets things.

Bearer of the Heavens , Boompile , Cataclysmic Gearhulk , Scourglass , Magus of the Balance , Magus of the Disk , Nevinyrral's Disk , Oblivion Stone , and Worldslayer are all her to make sure this happens repeatedly.

add in our commander, Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and we have ourselves a very simple one sided board wipe.

Besides this simple game winning synergy, there are a couple combos.

Angelic Renewal on the stack can return gerrard before he exiles himself, but his ability still goes off. Add in Sun Titan in the graveyard and we have ourselves infinite return.

Similar effects happen with Adarkar Valkyrie , and Gift of Immortality

There's also this fun little infinite loop with Codex Shredder and Gift of Immortality and enough mana rocks that makes it go infinite in a turn.

Likewise a token copy of gerrard does very nicely. Splinter Twin on gerrard, tap to make a copy which dies to the legend rule bringing back anything thatś died this turn. a Zealous Conscripts makes this infinite recursion in the same turn. Other token copiers like Flamerush Rider merely bring everything back just before combat once a turn.

Honestly the infinites are just places you get sometimes, gravy on the biscuits of synergy. All mana rocks in the deck come in untapped, and many sacrifice to draw cards or the like. Each iteration of destruction nets you mana, cards, and the occasional etb trigger. . . in addition to giving you everything, and your opponents nothing.

Ideally on each round of destruction you´re sacrificing all of your creatures and artifacts for some effect - maybe Krark-Clan Ironworks and a Thermopod , then destroying everything and returning them with mana still floating to play whatever cards you drew from the Coveted Jewel . The deck is weak to exile, but not that weak to exile, you can typically respond by sacrificing the targeted permanent, and then returning them later, or just destroying everything. The enchantment pieces are the most fragile.

This deck expects to be targeted and tends to flounder a little bit in games larger than three player just because of the archenemy game that goes on, that said it can successfully limit resources enough that there isn't too much of an issue.



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