My personal spin on a Geist deck. I tried to include a lot of strengths of Azorius decks as support to the main hits from Geist. This deck is extremely strong and I tend to get hated out pretty early if I go too aggro too soon (if you get Steel of the Godhead or both Ordeals early you can take out 2 players extremely fast). But if you back off a little and let the support keep you in the game so don't get too much board hate you can easily pick off the board one by one.

If people just don't want to play vs Geist (I've been asked more than once not to play him since he's a very common cEDH commander), you can use Hanna, Ship's Navigator or Daxos of Meletis as alternate commanders.

Also, if you get Sundial out, you can keep Geist's angel tokens around. Pretty neat trick there.


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I'm also adding a bunch of things to the Maybeboard I might try and work in. I'm really keen on Portal of Sanctuary to replace Hubris since it has a repeatable effect, but it raises the curve a bit and I've been vandalblasted one too many times (and it only works on your turn while Hubris is instant speed). I also want to fit Kataki, War's Wage somewhere in the deck so having less artifacts is a good thing. Unsure at this point so leaving things as is until I play some more with the current iteration and see how it performs!


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