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DECIMATOR Dredge [4-0 Local Tournament]

Pioneer BG (Golgari) BUG (Sultai) Competitive Dredge Rock Value Engine


Finally done testing and have landed on a solid main 60 of this dredgeless dredge deck. The plan is to swarm the board with tons of bodies very quickly, and apply a great amount of early game pressure, before finishing with the eldrazi pig. Get ready to PIG your opponents!


The Engine Enablers - The stuff that fills the graveyard

Satyr Wayfinder + Grisly Salvage allow us to play a lower amount of lands so we can fit more action cards in the main, while also putting valuable stuff into the graveyard. These cards are also able to find our finishers in westvale abbey and the pig.

Gather the Pack can only grab creatures, but it can sometimes grab 2, which is very helpful when discarding to activate haunted dead. This also finds our pig.

Stitcher's Supplier is a perfect turn 1 play that gets our graveyard churning started, and can also provide even more value when it dies.


The Engine - Stuff we want to throw into the graveyard from the library

Prized Amalgam is the main threat coming out of the graveyard, this is what enables our explosive starts, applying a massive amount of pressure early in the game, forcing opponents to play on the back foot. It is also a recursive threat that doesn't mind being killed.

Haunted Dead + Scrapheap Scrounger + Narcomoeba all serve to being back the prized amalgams from the bin.

Creeping Chill is also what gives this deck explosive pressure. Mulling multiple copies over the length of a game is often what makes the difference in the opponent dying, or surviving. It is also natural protection from burn/mono-red in the form of life-gain. This card really makes it feel like you are playing unfair magic.


The finishers - Game ending or back breaking threats that put the opponent's life total to zero, or leaves them empty handed and unable to recover.

Decimator of Provinces It's a real card, not just a cute inclusion. This card is the reason I built this deck. The Timmy in me really just wanted to play this card in the deck that suits it best, and the spike in me is happy with my success with it. This is almost always a game ending alpha-strike when it is cast. Prized amalgams and scrapheap scroungers swing for 5, and our small 1/1 creatures turn into 3/3s. The swing is usually 20-30 damage, and you get the pump even if the pig gets countered. This breaks those crazy board stalls against other creature decks as well.

Driven / Despair is a disgusting card. I've often forced my opponent to discard their entire hand on turn 4, and it can potentially end the game with the go-wide menace strategy. It can also draw cards, which is just icing compared to the aftermath effect.

Westvale Abbey   this started out as a 1 of, and it did so much work I had to add another copy. This is the best deck for this effect, as all of our creatures are disposable and it's an indestructible must-answer threat. So many games have been won on the back of this.

Gurmag Angler is just chilling here being a 1 mana 5/5 too, don't mind him.


Updates Add

Tournament Report: This was a 31 man weekly pioneer tournament following the OUaT, Copter, and Field of the Dead ban. The week before the ban My result was 3-1, only losing to mardu vehicles in a very tight game 3.

Round 1: Sultai Sidisi whip

Game 1 I was on the draw but still had an explosive start, he scooped to a stitcher, haunted dead, and multiple prized amalgams while he only had a satyr wayfinder in play.

Game 2 was a much longer game, he got his whip strategy online and began stealing my creatures with agent of treachery from the graveyard, he also massacre wurmed my field with Demon of Dark Schemes after tutoring it with big sidisi. Throughout many turns of recurring my board and swinging through his lifelink, I kept his life total under control and eventually killed him with westvale abbey.

Round 2: Bant midrage/goodstuff

Game 1- I was on the draw, but exploded out of the gate similarly to how I did in round 1. I just ingnored her Oko and went for face until she stabilized at a low life total with elks, spell quellers, and teferi. Eventually I was able to double cast despair through a spell queller and swing with menace for the win.

Game 2- she casted turn 2 oko into turn 3 questing beast and completely destroyed me. Very little I could do, by the time I was able to get any amalgams to block the beast, they entered tapped and I was dead.

Game 3 - she never drew her rest in peace, and I ran her over with amalgams and the pig.

Round 3: Sultai midrage/goodstuff

Game 1 - I was on the play and it was a really long and grindy game, it took 30 minutes. He managed to play scarab god on turn 5 and keep it in play all game. He only ever got a single activation off as I was able to remove the targets from the graveyard in response with scrapheap scrounger, or by activating the haunted dead in response to him targeting it. On the final turn he was finally able to steal a prized amalgam with the scarab god to use as a blocker. I swung with my creatures into his board and left his life total at 2, and I finished it with a hard cast creeping chill post combat.

Game 2 - I feel dirty talking about this one. I was on a mull to 4, he mulled to 6. He was able to stick a kalitas on his turn 4, but by the end of that turn I had 1 stitcher, 1 haunted dead, 1 spirit token, and 1 prized amalgam in play. On my turn 4 I casted both halves of driven/despair, and forced him to discard his entire hand, while I drew 4 cards myself. He held back kalitas on his turn 5 and played an oko. I casted grisly salvage on his second main, I hit 2 creeping chills, 1 haunted dead, and a prized amalgam, and a land. I took the land and activated haunted dead, discarding the 2 amalgams I had in hand, bringing back 3 amalgams. This was lethal through kalitas lifelink and food activation in combat.

Round 4: Mono red

Game 1 I'm on the draw, he takes me down to 5 killing my small creatures with searing blood, but creeping chill kept us alive while I stabilized with prized amalgams on blocking duty. I eventually got a pig off of grisly salvage during his turn and killed him the following turn.

Game 2, literally the exact same thing. I had an empty board on the end of his turn 5, on his second main I activated haunted dead bringing back 2 amalgams, I casted the pig had in hand the whole game on my turn 5 and did 20 damage. He was at 14 from creeping chills already as well.

and that was my 4-0 tournament


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