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Gates is one of my favorite decks, with added help from Gods Rhonas and Ilharg to make an even scarier threat. Ilharg helps Archway to bring us back when falling behind if opponent doesnt have flyers or removal we still gain lots of HP. Also helps Rhonas to make our already threats just insanely huge.

Colossus can be cycled, Rhonas never is officially gone unless milled, Negates to insure my threats stay or opponents threat to not resolve.

Once and Future won't be hard to activate Adamant to bring back Guild Summits, Negates, Ramp, Creatures when need be.

I wanted atleast 1 X card because of the ramp for last resort, and i didnt want to put an X creature because of Ilharg and with the current card choices I feel like Electrodominance just does the job great.

Sideboard still needs help.

I dont have a computer, so only way to practice will be when the new set comes out.

Any and all helpful comments are appreciated! Thank you.


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