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Garruk (Hopefully) Destroys Things

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An idea to stop my friend's Dragon deck based around Garruk and his ability to (hopefully) destroy my friend's Sarkhan Vol before it ults.

Important notes are that the deck my friend uses is basically a dragon-tribal deck (more that he has a lot of dragons and less that he has buffs to his dragons) so my deck started with Garruk to destroy his planeswalker and grew into a really interesting deck strategy I've never used before. I saw Spidersilk Armor on a Commander's Quarters episode and I thought that would be amazing at stopping dragons, then I added a Diabolic Tutor to fetch it or one of the other big spells. Diabolic Tutor has a cool synergy with Deathbridge Chant where if I can randomly pick it from my graveyard, I can cast it again!

Please leave any suggestions for improvement in the comments! I'll be sure to consider all suggestions, but I am trying to keep the price from getting extremely high.


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