Grave gardening gone wild! Morph, Megamorph, Maniphest, all the ph's! The deck has 2 main types of creatures, which require different mechanics to take full advantage of.

The first is Morph/Mega/Maniphest critters, which flip into Unnamed lands of the Forest type when they die, meaning we need some way to kill them off in order to re-use them. For this we use a variety of sac outlets, which are an increasingly important part of the deck.

The second type is the opposite: These critters can sacrifice themselves, but lack the PH mechanic to flip themselves back into critters, so they need some way to get them either back into your hand, or to blink them so they come back face up. Blink mechanics are remarkably scarce in Green, so that’s a no-go. However, we have a variety of ways to bounce lands for effects!

These two types of creatures are the core and the value engine of the deck, leading up to the big finishers: Using one of the land animators with a sacrifice outlet and a payoff to close out the game. This usually involves Finale of Devastation, or Baru, Fist of Krosa.


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