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Gangsta's Paradise - Henzie "Toolbox" Torre

Commander / EDH* BRG (Jund) Haste Sacrifice



I've decided to build around a new commander who doesn't warrant a ton of hate. The deck is optimized to be strong but not uncontrollable and I’ve left out all infinite combos. After playing the deck a good amount it seems that getting value off your soon to be sacrificed creatures in some other way then drawing a card is the key to a successful Henzie deck. The deck plays a bunch of early ramp that doesn't require the commander out to be effective. I also enjoy having a good amount of non creature based ramp since your board will b needing to b controlled and you don't want all your mana ramp to die from a board wipe. The creatures I've included seem for the time to b the best mixture of ETB, Attack, and death triggers I've came across so far, Along with creatures who create advantage off the soon to be dead creatures that I blitz in. I'm still trying the find the right ratio of graveyard recursion, value off of soon to b dead creatures, and creatures that make a difference and potentially win me the game for the short time their blitzed in. Henzie has been a ton of fun to brew with, his design is strong and gets stronger as the game goes on, but never overwhelming. Any advice, suggestions, or critiques are greatly appreciated.


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