Gameplay Mission: Load up the board with auras and high-impact equipment to attack your opponents with a Voltron Galea. Defend yourself from counter-attacks with token generators and defense enchantments while you support your gameplay with ramp, card daw, and removal spells that synergize with the focus on enchantments.

Power Cards ($5-10): Hall of Heliod's Generosity, Sword of Sinew and Steel

Sleeper Cards: Finest Hour, Embargo, Sovereigns of Lost Alara, Duelist’s Heritage, Fumble, Scarab of the Unseen

Possible Edits

CHANGE Fireshrieker to Ponder, Negate to M Remora

INCREASE ramp to 9 or 10?

CONSIDER K Insight, J Exploration, F Fertility, G Prison, I Might or E Armor, B Blessing or S Mantle, K Transformation, Overgrowth, S Ward?

During Game

Duelist’s Heritage effect can be used for other players’ attacking creatures (use as a political offer for attacking someone else)

Remember that Unflinching Courage’s lifegain effect can stack with other cards’ lifelink ability

Use the tutors to fetch whatever aura or equipment type isn't yet attached to Galea (e.g. protection)

Use Isolated Watchtower to move auras and equipment into position for Galea


40 enchantments

23 auras + 9 equipment (1/3 of deck)

P/T Boost x21 Lifelink x6 First Strike x1 Double Strike x4 Haste x1

Trample x4 Flying x1 Unblockable x3 Protection from Creatures x2 Protection from Colors x2

Totem Armor x3 Hexproof x2 Indestructible x1 Bounce / Blink x2

10 scry and library manipulation effects to enable additional card draw through Galea's ability

9 lands that ETB tapped (24% of total)

4 colorless non-fetch lands (11% of total)

Deck Notes

Loosely based on "Aura of Courage" pre-con deck but with primary focus on enchantments

Most creatures are enchantment creatures to synergize with this theme

Boardwipes are focused on preserving Galea since that will be the main focus of auras & equipment

Protection from Creatures helps with both evasion and blocking

Umbras also have other benefits in addition to protection

Card Notes

Fumble can be used as either protection for auras or to steal auras and equipment from an opponent's creature

Hall of Heliod’s Generosity works well with Galea b/c she can play those cards from the top of your library

Sword of Sinew and Steel protects against B/R without interfering with your own WUG spells

Sovereigns of Lost Alara tutors for the most helpful aura whenever Galea attacks (attaches for free)

Winged Boots also helps with evasion

Bear Umbra also helps with ramp

Mantle of the Ancients also helps with recursion

Psychic Impetus can be used on opponents' creatures as a form of removal

Considered Kestia for flexibility and card draw but bestow cost is very high

Previously had Haunted Cloak but haste may not be as helpful b/c Galea needs to be loaded up before safely attacking


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