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Time to face Teeg’s brand of justice.

Commander / EDH Control GW (Selesnya) Hatebears



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My take on Teeg. I originally started this deck as an answer to a Captain Sisay + Paradox Engine deck that was running roughshod over our playgroup. With Teeg being the best way to shut down that engine consistently given he’s in the command zone and able to be brought out before Sisay could tutor out said engine I figured he’s the perfect way to go. Was able to beat that deck at least 50% of the time before the engine was banned which broke that Sisay players heart. Since then this Teeg deck has taken the place of that deck as the dominant deck of the group. Since then he has built an Emry, Lurker of the Loch deck that has started picking up the occasional win against Teeg which has brought about a few of the more recent updates to this list.


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Exchanged Song of the Dryads and God-Eternal Oketra for Loyal Retainers and Sanctum Prelate since I already have so much removal I decided I needed a little more recursion for creatures and a way to deal with some spells that cost less than 4 that have been proving to cause a headache to this deck lately.


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