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This is a fun Standard deck that wins by overwhelming the opponent with our saproling army or draining their life total by sacrificing our creatures. The deck is vulnerable to board wipes but can recover very quickly most of the time. I've been having a lot of fun playing this on Arena and in casual paper games at home. Please let me know what you think and leave suggestions!

Ramp Package

4x Llanowar Elves

  • to add .

4x Song of Freyalise

  • Great synergy with our saproling generation.
  • & can quickly boost our board presence by giving us a ton of mana to kick Saproling Migration or throw down our Tendershoot Dryad a little earlier.
  • can often times be what wins us the game, or force the opponent to block with all of their creatures and clear the board.

Saproling Generation

4x Saproling Migration

3x Spore Swarm

2x Fungal Plots

  • Recycle creatures from our graveyard to make more saprolings.
  • Great source of card advantage that triggers Slimefoot and Archer.
  • When running more than two copies I found this to be a dead card sometimes.

3x Slimefoot, the Stowaway

4x Tendershoot Dryad

  • Main engine.
  • Creates a saproling during each upkeep. If our opponents let this card resolve without an answer it's often game over.
  • We will obtain the city's blessing quickly to take advantage of the lord effect.
  • Very weak to removal


2x Assassin's Trophy

  • Can hit anything.
  • I don't like running more than two copies since it does give our opponent an extra land.

3x Fungal Infection

  • Works great as early removal against a lot of targets (Firebrand, Mist-Cloaked, Llanowar, etc.).
  • The saproling can help hit 2-toughness targets during combat, or even bigger threats if we have any lords on the battlefield.

We could also look at adding cards like Vicious Offering to synergize with our drain mechanic or even Cast Down if you need more removal.

Life Gain/Drain

3x Slimefoot, the Stowaway

  • Gives us extra value when sacrificing our saprolings.
  • Lifegain can help keep us alive for an extra 1-2 turns, just enough to close out the game.

3x Poison-Tip Archer

  • Helps deal with flying creatures that are prevalent in the meta.
  • Additional drain when blocking with/sacrificing saprolings.
  • Deters board sweepers by punishing our opponent for each creature destroyed.

2x Vraska, Golgari Queen

  • Fits right into our deck.
  • +1: Sacrifice a saproling and draw a card, gain life. If we have Slimefoot or and Archer out they will also ping our opponent.
  • -3: Hit important stuff like enchantments/artifacts or good 3 cmc creatures.
  • -9: Alternate win-con if we stall out and can't get the power to win the game.


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