As we each unpacked our Commander decks, my opponent didn't attempt to hide his scowl.

"Morinfen?" he asked, and the incredulity in his voice was palpable. "What use could you possibly have for him as a Commander?"

As the game began and continued to unfold, as I dealt more and more damage to myself, his opinions only hardened. I accelerated my game plan, but to use up my life so frivolously was too shocking and distracting of a sight to behold.

He neglected to see the sense in any play I made, and continued along this thought process even as Morinfen brought him to an even earlier grave than my own.

He refused to see why Morinfen is an adequate choice for a Commander. He still refuses to see why the deck continues to work. He fails to grasp the true meaning of what we, as suicide black players, know better than all else.

Life is a resource.

This is a deck that pays all of its life for useful things, then either beats opponents in the face with value to kill them before it kills its user, or gimmicks its opponents out with life-exchange effects like Soul Conduit .

There's a counter-hate (the +1/+1 kind) subpackage which can, IDK, remove some counters from Morinfen sometimes, or act as a silver bullet for decks that like to do that stuff.

Vilis, Broker of Blood has been released since this deck's inception. Maybe he's a better commander for this sort of deck, but I don't plan on switching. If nothing else, gaining early value with Vilis is going to draw you a lot of hate, but nobody takes the Morinfen player who's paying half their life to draw a bunch of cards seriously, at least until it's too late. Either way, hes a perfect fit into the deck.


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