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VERSION 1.1 - - - 9/21/18

I pulled a Muldrotha, the Gravetide in the one pack of Dominaria I bought. Such a good commander! I can't not make the deck. This is a deck made mostly out of cards I already owned.

I have several ideas about where to take this deck. My first idea was a mill/discard/self-mill deck with heavy reanimation, using Muldrotha and cards like Jarad's Orders, Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, Ashen Powder, and Fated Return. I kind of want to make a Teneb, the Harvester deck around that though. Doesn't mean self-mill is ever bad with Muldrotha.

My second idea was an Enchantress/enchantment deck. There are a decent number of enchantments in the current deck, including a good amount of enchantment-type removal (Deep Freeze, Control Magic, etc.). I have a Verduran Enchantress and there are plenty of Green enchantment payoffs, though lacking White hurts a bit. Lots of great Blue and Black enchantments to play with. I would put a bunch of Bestow creatures in and get value there. Muldrotha pulling enchantments back out of the graveyard for value is a damn good payoff as-is. Going this route would take more of a money investment to polish the deck.

Another idea was to make a fully sacrifice-themed deck. A full-on revolving-door-graveyard deck with sac loops and sac payoffs everywhere. I have a few cards not already in for that, like a spare Dictate of Erebos, Spawning Pit, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, and stuff. This kind of engine seems to be the normal path for Muldrotha and my deck would probably fall into this category if it had to have a label. I feel I could go a lot deeper into this theme if I wanted though, which is why I mention it here. More sacrifice payoffs like Moldervine Reclamation and the like.

Currently I am just going for protecting Muldrotha and grinding out value with lots of recurrable removal while ramping into threats. Lots of sacrifice in this deck but it isn't the whole engine. Just kinda going for "value". It is a bulk-rare personal-collection deck, after all.

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