5-Color human tribal combo deck. I built this deck from scratch so if you like it, I’d love an upvote.

The idea is to get down a good mana base while getting Experimental Frenzy and Mana Severance into hand. Giving your library Flash is also a priority. Once Morophon, the Boundless is in the mix and you have severed out all your lands you are ready to roll with some massive frenzy’s and you shouldn’t need too much mana to play through a lot of cards.

Humans you will cast for free with Morophon in play were prioritized. Mantis Rider for example.

Since Morophon largely eliminates the need to produce colored mana I am running the entire cycle of Pain lands. This is one of my favorite features of this deck. The hope; these bargain lands will shine in this build.

I knew going in the combo would be very hard to pull off which is part of the fun. In my first game I hit legitimate creature threats early ( Champion of the Parish , Serra Ascendant ) but got very unlucky with Herald's Horn triggers. The deck played very much like good old human tribal. It took a long time to hit a tutor. When I was finally able to get Frenzy down With Morophon I had not been able to get Mana Severance and I failed to get more than a few cards down at any time before hitting multiple lands. I didn’t have the tools to get through them. It was fun and it sort of worked, maybe 1/2 way.

More to come as I learn more in upcoming games.

I have made a few minor adjustments to the deck which I hope are a step towards greater consistency. A new 3 mana tutor with the upside of being playable out of your hand when frenzy is out (I believe) in Clutch of the Undercity . I also added more cards that allow me to interact with my library and in some cases clear lands off the top. I am looking at you Skyward Eye Prophets & card:Teramorphic expanse

I am open to feedback and input. I have some budget back fill replacing cards I’d love to be running. Black Market or Heroic Intervention or Purphoros, God of the Forge would be in there if I had available copies.

I am having fun with the deck and will continue to update it as I play more games.

If you like the deck a +1 would be awesome.

Win Cons include draining the field with Warstorm Surge type effects, casting the entire library to win with Laboratory Maniac or maybe overrunning opponents with mana dorks led by the Parish Champion.


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