With Strixhaven we got five new Pre-Constructed Commander Decks and I decided to build some new Decks around some of the Pre-Constructed Commanders as well as around some of the Legends from the Main Set. The second of this Decks resolves around Esix, Fractal Bloom and his ability to create let any Token becom the Copy of a Creature on the battlefield. Since I always liked Token Strategies and this deck comes with some nice Token-Producers I decided to upgrade this deck.
The main Strategy is to generate a lot of Tokens by playing Spells like Avenger of Zendikar , Hornet Queen or Esika's Chariot which create a certain of Number of Tokens when they enter the Battlefield. Since I can these Tokens enter the Battlefield as Copys of something on the Battlefield, even the Spell they orginate from, e.g. Avenger of Zendikar , I can create a giant number of Tokens with one single Spell. To Further amplify this effect I included Doubling Season , Primal Vigor , Parallel Lives and Adrix and Nev, Twincasters as well as cards like Parallel Evolution , Spitting Image or Rite of Replication which can produce even more of my Tokens.
Since I wanted to stay true to the college of Quandrix and I personally like the whole Fractal Theme, this deck contains nearly all cards from Strixhaven which can produce Fractal Tokens. Cards like Body of Research , Paradox Zone or Fractal Summoning can generate some nice big Tokens. These enter the battlefield as a copy of something on it already, e.g. a Tireless Tracker or a Scute Swarm , but they also get the +1/+1-Counters so that they are even bigger. This is further amplified by using The Ozolith , Biomass Mutation or Master Biomancer and Master Symmetrist can even grant them Trample to circumvise the opponents defenses. I know that the whole Fractal theme is something that doesn't is as good as other Token Generators could be, but I think it fits thematically very well into this deck and thus I try to stay true to it.
All in all this deck is pretty fun to play and the mass of Tokens, Fractal or not, can overhwelm the whole board pretty easily. Especially the copy and doubling effects included in this deck can lead to pretty explosive plays, which can produce so many Tokens that it is difficult to overview the whole board. Even the included Removal Spells like Beast Within or Amphin Mutineer are either usible multiple Times or if used on a 1/1-Fractal can generate a whole army of 3/3's or bigger for us if cards like Doubling Season or Primal Vigor are in Play.
Date: May 7, 2021


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I chose to include Simic Ascendancy as an alternative Win-Condition, since I put many +1/+1-Counters on my Fractals. To be even more honest to the Fractal Theme I included Kasmina, Enigma Sage to be able to generate eeven more Fractals. I removed Parallel Evolution since the copies it generates of my Fractals are only 0/0s and I removed Arasta of the Endless Web since she produces only small amounts of Tokens and by playing an Instant opponents could intervene with me creating a mass of Tokens. Last but not least I switched out Biomass Mutation for Oko, the Trickster since it's Ultimate gives my Fractals Trample.


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