This is a deck I have been slowly drafting up after I have been working on my main EDH deck, Quandrix Geometry, and wondered what if I truly took the Fractals and make a commander deck from them. This is what I have drafted up after a couple of days, and wanted to put this out and get some support from you guys. I'll work on this more once I am done with my main deck. Thank you all!

The basic gameplan is to summon some chonky fractals and either swarm your opponent, or swing for massive damage. Counters are our method of controlling the game, through Strixhaven stadium, quest counters on our enchantment, and the good old trusty +1/+1 counters. This idea seemed really fun, as I want the main damage dealers to be the fractals themselves, and not another creature which carries the deck and swings for them.


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