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For Whom The Belle Tolls - An Enchanted Tale

Commander / EDH Aura Hexproof Competitive Enchantment RGW (Naya) Voltron


The Alternate Ending That Disney Never Told...

When the last rose petal falls, and the beastly curse is permanent, Uril, the Miststalker is what you get. Now there's no Belle, no happily ever after, and the Beast is pissed off and coming to end anyone in his path. With the help of a goblin, a hobbit, a couple rogue humans and elves, and some enchantresses and their auras, his vengeance is swift indeed. You better hope he doesn't think your name is Gaston.

There's Only One Win Condition, And It's Beastly!

If you're looking for a Voltron Commander, look no further. If you're looking for fast, with low CMC in abundance, look no further. If you're looking to use that Serra's Sanctum to maximum effect, look no further. And if you're tired of commander decks featuring black and blue having all the fun, look no further.

One of the primary designs of the deck was keeping the CMC curve as low as possible, giving the deck excellent early-turn speed, while leveraging the use of Gaddock Teeg to maximum effectiveness and applying minimal impact to our own spells being cast. To that end, there are only two non-creature cards in the deck with CMC four or greater ( Replenish and Retether ), which would typically only be used after a board wipe anyway.

An additional aspect of the deck is based on card draw and library manipulation, utilizing Mirri's Guile , Sensei's Divining Top and Sylvan Library to ensure we have exactly what we need in hand at any time. Second, flooding the board with as many lands as quickly as possible gets us to a beastly swing that much quicker, so Burgeoning and Exploration should pair well with the creature and artifact ramp available and result in speeding you up a turn or two, while the fetches, filter lands, dual lands and shock lands give you the color fixing to cast anything you need. Finally, thanks to Argothian Enchantress , Enchantress's Presence , Mesa Enchantress , Verduran Enchantress , Kor Spiritdancer , Satyr Enchanter and Sram, Senior Edificer , each aura cast becomes a cantrip to replace itself, ensuring the Beast is enraged and ready to destroy.

Cavern of Souls and Vexing Shusher help to ensure that Uril can't be denied his place on the battlefield, and with several haste options and double strike options available, he can often one-shot an opponent upon hitting the board. Numerous trample and evasion options are also included to make sure it is nearly impossible for opponents to prevent the incoming commander damage. Along with some tutors to find your most potent option for any situation, it shouldn't be any later than turn five before you unleash the beast. From there, it's just a matter of moving to the combat phase, and then playing "For Whom the Belle Tolls," as your opponent suffers lethal commander damage.

Give the deck a run and see if you are man or beast? Thanks for looking.


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