Meet one of the best Angel EDH deck lists to feast your eyes and wallets on.

One of my personal favorites decks; I made it around War of the Spark's Shalai, Voice of Plenty, and like everyone, make updates to it every year or so.

For me, Shalai made me love the idea of Hexproof being pretty busted. That along with keyword soup, strong creatures, and real angel support the last few sets has made this one of my favorite decks to pull out in a playgroup.

Best part about the deck, is because it's strong against multiple styles of edh, it can spark up conversation about certain interactions. One of these interactions comes from my pet card, Sparring Regimen. It brings up real conversation and debate on sideboard/wishing in commander even before the game starts. Because of modes of this card, no matter what rule 0 is for a play group, Sparring Regimen has found a permanent home in this list.

Feel free to drop some comments, advice, or ideas on where the deck could go. So far it's very resistant once it gets going. The classic combos are Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Privileged Position + Shalai, Voice of Plenty / Giada, Font of Hope + Twilight Shepherd / Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder

I run (2) proxies of: Savannah Windswept Heath.

I'll get some photos soon for the proxies. They'll be on the "to-acquire-list"


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