A team of Minotaurs showcase some rare artifacts found during their international exped- OY! HEY! WE'RE FILMIN' A SHOW HEEEEEERE! "Oh MaH GoD It'S NeHeB!" HEY! I'll KICK YOR ASS! Looks like our Minotaurs are about to do some good old fashioned FOITIN'!

Sorry about that. The Minotaurs are at it again. Using those old sticks and stones to beef up and fight people. Really hoping they don't chase their enemies into that Maze again. Once they get going, they don't stop until everything and everyone is destroyed. Then they beat up the survivors.

All recommendations are welcome! 10-09-19 1x Hazoret's Monument -Replaced a Minotaur Skullcleaver

4x Semblance Anvil -Replace the last two Minotaur Skullcleavers -Replace Hammer of Purphoros -Replace Rakdos Crackler

10-08-19 2x Mountain -Replaced Fanatic of Mogis -Replaced Ogre Battledriver

1x Universal Automaton -Removed a Rakdos Crackler

2x Dragon Mantle -Replaced Spark Jolt -Replaced Weapon Surge

1x Metallic Mimic -Replaced Gnarled Scarhide

3x Felhide Petrifier -Replace Five-Alarm Fire. -Replace Madcap Skills -Replace Purphoros God of the Forge

1x Rageblood Shaman -Replace Madcap Skills

2x Neheb the Worthy -Replaced Fanatic of Mogis -Replaced Spike Jester

3x Ragemonger -Replace both Deathbellow Raiders -Replace Felhide Spiritbinder.

1x Bontu's Monument -Replace a Fanatic of Mogis

10-02-19 CHANGES COMING SOON 1x Universal Automaton - One drops to start, they count as Minotaurs, they can be covered with red or black mana, and they will combo with Semblance Anvil. Then I can save my natural Minotaurs for the REAL FOITIN' -Replace Rakdos Cackler. I can change my mana base with more multi-color lands

1x Metallic Mimic - BEEF UP THE MINOTAURS FOR A FOIT with +1/+1 counters AND it can be exiled with Semblance Anvil for cheaper creatures and artifacts. -Replace Fanatic of Mogis. Who needs four? I don't even play mono red or have red non-creature non-land permanents.

1x Lightning Volley (KILL THEM ALL!) -Replace Purphoros. I have a lot of Artifacts that don't make full use of Purphoros' ability. This let's me combo Felhide Petrifier to have massive Deathtouch damage on either player's turn.

3x Thorbite Staff - Felhide Petrifier brings home the pain giving everyone else Deathtouch -Replace both Pillars of Flame. Tapping to kill using Felhide Petrifer is free removal for any of my Minotaurs. -Replace Flurry of Horns. I have plenty of other Minotaurs ready to FOIT!

2x Terminate - KILL THEM ALL! -Replace both Madcap Skills. It's good removal that can save me late game. PLUS, it gets around damage prevention since it specifically destroys a creature.

1x Vanquisher's Banner - CALL IN MORE MINOTAURS FOR A BIGGER FOIT!!!!! TELL 'EM IT'S A FREE ROUND IF THEY COME IN TO FOIT! -Remove Hammer of Purphoros. Kragma Warcaller already provides haste, and Semblance Anvil would STILL leave this at a cost of 2R. Not a good look.


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