Who wants a fun take on Kalamax that is proactive rather than boring instant response BS? Who wants a deck that can one-shot your friends and opponents from nowhere? Have I got a deck for you!

This is a Zada/Mirrorwing Dragon style cantrip deck with Kalamax at the helm. The Dino Daddy benefits a TON from their copy effect, and adds extra colors for a wider offering of cantrip goodness!

As the deck's title implies, this deck is very light on its feet, drawing in response and holding answers and combat tricks until it's ready to one-shot some fools.

The main goal is to turn cantrips like Cerulean Wisps or Aggressive Urge into value engines by copying them with either Kalamax or Zada/Mirrorwing. To finish out the game are cards like Confront the Unknown or Fists of Flame. These scale exponentially with the number of creatures you have, and turns them into massive threats while also bumping the Dino Daddy up to one-shotting size.

Both Zada and Mirrorwing are like secondary commanders in this deck, and both like to have an abundance of creatures on the field. Talrand and Young Pyromancer make a bunch of tokens from all the spells being tossed around. The more creatures you have, the more copies Zada/Mirrorwing make and the bigger Kalamax gets!

A super exciting card for this deck is Veyran, Voice of Duality. This guy puts in WORK! With just him and Kalamax, each spell you cast is forked twice, and Kalamax’s counters get forked too, resulting in four counters! From one spell?! He only gets better from there! He doubles up Zada’s ability, resulting in so many spell copies flying around. If he couldn’t get any better, Veyran also copies his magecraft making himself huge too! Definitely a must for this deck.

As far as copying spells goes, Kalamax benefits the most from them. Another big beneficiary is Ral, Storm Conduit; with Zada/Mirrorwing out he will trigger multiple times, dealing a lot of targeted damage for spot removal or player removal. I have removed all infinite combos that made use of Narset's Reversal or Twincast because they make the game very same-y and are boring to resolve.

After having built this deck like it is traditionally seen, I have made the decision to NOT run some cards commonly seen in Kalamax decks like Return of the Wildspeaker, Rishkar's Expertise, Primal Amulet  , etc. My reason is that the deck did not feel good to play. Most of the time I was biding my time to go infinite with a Fork spell, or holding up my mana for haymaker instants. It was a lot of waiting around for not a lot of anything. Also, many of the most popular cards for Kalamax just did not feel good to play, even if I could copy them. I wanted a more brawl-y deck out of Kalamax, and I think this is the winner!

Many of the cantrips in this deck have that same rate as Return of the Wildspeaker with Kalamax alone (1 mana per 2 cards drawn), but with Zada or Mirrorwing, that number skyrockets! And you still have mana left over to cast more spells. ADDITIONALLY, as if it couldn't get better, most of these cantrips do something else besides drawing cards! Chain enough together and your board will be more than scary and your hand will be HUGE!

There are still mainstays from traditional Kalamax decks in this build, like Harrow and Thrill of Possibility, that are not too expensive to cast and provide good value. Additionally, after reaching a point where I am very happy with how the deck operates, I am more open to adding cards back, like Return of the Wildspeaker, because they synergize well with Kalamax and can help me get back into the game if Zada or Mirrorwing Dragon are down.


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