What started as a Crosis, the Purger now evolved into a Dimir deck. The concept is simple enough: fill the opponent's hand with cards at, preferably, instant speed through combat tricks and force them to discard through specters.

Megrim, Waste Not and Liliana's Caress are just pain intensifiers highly valuable in this kind of build, while Sangromancer is there to, supposedly, keep me running for a longer period of time.

My friends frown upon it, shamefully but I'd love to add a Storm Cauldron into this deck! Just don't want to get the deck banned from my playgroup though.

Ideas on how to improve it are quite welcome. Just consider that this is budget (no duals) and I'm not interested in infinite combos.


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The deck suffered some minor changes, adding a few cards to generate more consistency by adding:

Dreamstealer another specter-like creature that I'll be testing. Herald of Anguish another creature that aside from being tested can work greatly as a beatstick and as spot removal. Specter's Shroud turns any non-specter into a specter and, furthermore, improves Dreamstealer and Needle Specter. Geier Reach Sanitarium since discard on a land at instant speed might be a good option. This needs testing and in the end might be removed since I might need it on another deck I'm building though. Seat of the Synod to better support Vedalken Humiliator. Vault of Whispers to better support Vedalken Humiliator.

At this point I feel that adding Trepanation Blade could be a plus, thinning my opponent's libraries, reading them of mana, pumping a bit my smaller creatures and further improving efficiency of both Dreamstealer and Needle Specter. Unsure about what to remove though.


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