This deck is packed full of ETB card draw to find the combos below, which includes multiple redundancies:

  1. Altar of the Brood w/ infinite flickers.

  2. Thassa's Oracle w/ infinite draw via infinite flicker.

  3. Infinite turns w/ Time Warp or Walk the Aeons.

  4. Milling opponents via Altar of the Brood w/ infinite flickers.

  5. Agent of Treachery.

  6. Removing all opponents’ permanents or creatures with Venser, Skyclave and/or Barrin via infinite flickers.

Any recommendations for WINCONs or tuning would be welcomed! Lot of focus on card draw to find these combos with some minor control. Trying to keep the deck around a power level 6-7 and avoiding over powered cards like mana crypt/cyclonic rift or instant speed tutors.


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