So, Universes Beyond - Transformers is a thing

Why? Heck if i know or care, to be honest, but the most important thing is my favorite angry bike got a card, and it's my kind of abusable, so of course, she gets a deck!

And her name is perfect for peoples feelings on this UB, so i win, twice!

So, how does she work? Well, in normal mode, you sac an artifact, get a +1/+1 counter on her, and flip her, on the reverse, when she deals damage, you exile cards with counters on them based on her power and flip her again, where her second ability un-flipped is to pay 1, dump your hand, and get all those cards that have counters.

Of course she's Rakdos colors.

So, we abuse! There's a lot of ways to get value from popping artifacts, and a few of them make appearances here. Mimic vat can be used to pop out tokens of stuff like Solemn Simulacrum and the like that give value on death and ETB, or to abuse modular to throw counters around. Cards like Garna and Mahadi give us value when creatures die, and Mishra's tamer version gives us both protection and unearth to keep the train rolling

On the more "Voltron" Side of things, plenty of equipment, and some of them are living weapons to boot, BoM Sword and Kaldra being 2 notably scary toys, but hero's blade and blackblade should never be underestimated with a commander as cheap as Flamewar is (2/3 mana to start!)

Also she's not our only sac engine, Throne of geth and Ravager both make appearances and let us throw more counters around. We've also got Shimmer Myr and Liberator both for flash shenanigans and they're beaters to boot. Soul of new Phyrexia and slobad are notable covers to keep removal away, and then there's toys Like Revel and the walkers to fuel our engine even more

Then, there's the "F You" Cards, wrecking ball is instant-speed Land kill! Sadistic hypnotist can eat everyone's hands! And of course, the alternate commander - Mishra, Claimed by gix. He's in here with the dragon engine so that threat looms overhead and again, he's one of the potential alt commanders in this deck if you want a slower but less risky burn to the deck.

Finally, the "Big three" of the artifacts, Terror Ballista, Cityscape Leveler, and Wurmcoil engine. They need no introduction and they leave destruction in their wakes, 2 of them unearth to keep the smacks coming, and wurmcoil engine + mimic vat needs absolutely zero explanation. not to mention either of the others being multiplied. And then, there's blightsteel colossus, for when you absolutely, truly need to eliminate someone in spectacular fashion.

Still being tweaked, still being fine-tuned, but she's replaced Kozilek as my "Main" Deck, and it's a bit Trippy still to have a MAGIC deck of her to put next to the actual toy i've had for years.

Enjoy my continued descent into madness.


Updates Add

Made a few tweaks here and there, mostly adding things like Umezawa's Jitte for utility, Shadowspear for similar reasons, as well as Drach'Nyen+Sword of Hearth and Home for additional shenanigans to pull.

Considering dropping something like Throne of Geth for more interaction, or just a pure boardwipe like Damnation or something just to have a token boardwipe effect in here, while it and energy chamber have their uses here, they're a bit slower overall than the general tempo, they can put in work in long games, but i want to experiment with more "Rushdown" type tactics and less slow-burn.


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