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Five color Lich King EDH

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Here’s my Lich’s Mastery deck inspired by Dominaria Standard.

This is a deck for those who like drawing cards, (who doesn’t?!?) being the archenemy, and living on the edge. Let’s break it down

Ramp: The ramp is pretty self explanatory except for two notable cards, Gift of Paradise and Verdant Haven. Early game they ramp and fix our colors, after Lich’s Mastery, they’ll draw us cards and have a few enchantment synergies. Deathrite Shaman and Herald of the Pantheon can also gain us life later in the game.

Pillow Fort: These are important to dissuade early attacks but more importantly, make sure we take as little damage as possible once we have Lich’s Mastery on the board. Solitary Confinement and Island Sanctuary are the best and though they require us to skip our draw we’ll have a constant flow of cards coming in. I like to wait to play Mastery until I have at least one of these in play.

Mastery Specific Cards: Chance for Glory, Glorious End, and the Pacts say we lose the game but since we can’t lose with Mastery in play those cards become far less dangerous. With Mastery Kenrith says 2W: Draw Five Cards. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Aside from him the life gain typically comes from free triggers, Kambal, Bloodchief Ascension, And Aetherflux Reservoir can all draw a ton of cards on their own. Most of the time we’ll be drawing more cards than we know what to do with but even when we’re discarding we’re filling our graveyard to be exile fodder for Mastery.

Winning: Once you’ve controlled the board and drawn a bunch of cards the win conditions are vizkopa guildmage combined with Kenrith, psychosis crawler, or pitching a bunch of cards to Cadaverous Bloom to play a huge Exsanguinate

Removal: The removal is either cheap or free. Force of negation, force of vigor, and misdirection can pitch extra cards in our hands to be cast for free and the pacts are free already. Swords to plowshares and nature’s claim can be used on our own stuff to gain life in a pinch.

Notes on playing the deck: Early game it’s fine to drop to a low life total since we gain so much in the late game. Wait to cast Mastery until you’ve wiped the board or established some defense. Once Mastery is in play everyone tends to work together to either destroy it or ping you to exile cards. Priority number one is keeping Mastery in play. Try to save counterspells for when you absolutely need them. Mass destroy, mass exile, mass return. Glorious End and Teferi’s protection can also save you.

This deck is a blast to play, it’s high risk, high reward. If you’re ready to harness the power of the Lich king, give this deck a spin!


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